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 G l a s s

New to glass, these sculptures are the beginning of a new direction of work and alot of learning involved.  A much more complicated process, not for the faint hearted.   I have learnt the loss wax method, which involves making a sculpture in wax, then making a one off mold over that wax, steaming the wax out and then filling the cavity with glass.  These smaller items are 3 days in the kiln on average going through a 6 step firing schedule.  The larger the item, the longer they are in the kiln due to cooling and annealing times.  Once the process is complete, then the one off mold may be carefully broken away revealing the glass inside.  But wait, there's more.  Cold working then begins, where an optimum finish is sort by way of various tools, dremels, carbide grit, diamond pads, paste and elbow grease.  Light brings the glass alive so placement of the final piece making the most of natural or artificial light is encouraged.